Purchase price?

Second post in an hour from new app user .
App showed 3.83 purchased .
INV showing purchased at 3.97.
Checked history that’s today’s high at two hours ago and not even an average of the day so far . I understand a Slight delay on price , but not two hours from screen time .
How and why ?
Thanks again

Have you read the execution policy?


Thanks again Tony .
I did read through it Initially.
I have now read it again just to make sure .
Surely, it is possible to show the final agreed price first , rather than after the deal is completed ?
0.14 seems a big discrepancy even on my small purchases .

If you check yahoo finance or something similar, you will likely find that 0.14 is half the difference between bid and ask prices

Hi M , I keep the Uk yahoo on screen . At least I can see what roughly currently happening give or take .
That’s why I purchased at the price I thought I did . Learn from the experience I guess .
Thanks for the reply .