[Crowdfunding 🔨] Go Henry

Another interesting company.



Thanks. I think this might fund quickly. From their page:

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Nice! I really like what this lot are doing. This could be a knowledge gap but I don’t know of any FinTechs offering a similar service in the US so the expansion’s pretty exciting :smile:


I invested in them last time on Crowdcube in March 16 (£1.50 per share) - seem to have done well in the UK and now looking to expand. I like the way they have 1 class of shareholder and so all shareholders had the opportunity to participate in the pre-emption round last year in November (£2 per share). Indeed what surprised me was that many people didn’t take up their rights during this round and so I was able to significantly increase my stake during that round. With a share price of £3 in this round and I’m imagining significant investor interest I would say that the price last year was a good deal.


Looks like a great product. Thanks for sharing.

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Campaign started, it is in private mode for now, but really big interest


There’s a “View Pitch” link on https://invest.gohenry.co.uk/ for anyone interested.


It looks like they’re willing to keep the campaign over for a while longer :smile:

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I invested in the previous round and this one already. Seems to know exactly the right approach. I have young kids so will be a customer soon too. Was very happy to overhear a (UK) colleague referring to her son’s gohenry account yesterday. Huge potential, particularly in the US.


They’re pushing £4m now, I think looking for up to £7m.

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The latest round by gohenry seems to be another good opportunity !

Existing investors will have the opportunity to buy more shares via Crowdcube from Monday 2nd September. The pitch will be open for two weeks, and investors will be able to download our latest investment deck from Monday once the pitch is live.

Following our first TV and tube advertising, we have just recorded our record month for signups
and have finished August with over 415,000 UK activated child accounts and 55,000 activated
child accounts in the US. Both markets are growing strongly and our annualised run-rate of
revenue (unaudited) should be c.£13m this month.


Any idea on whether new investors can get in on the crowdfund, how much they’re looking to raise and valuation?

Hi guys,

Viktor, Freetrade’s CMO, brought this forum to our attention. I’m afraid that this small internal EIS fundraise is accessibly only to existing investors on Crowdcube. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email us at invest@gohenry.co.uk


Alex R


Already overfunding at 111 % .


This is one of the reasons I didn’t invest in GoHenry during their last raise - I figured that if they were successful, that one of the new fin techs would come in and offer a similar service for free. (GoHenry currently costs £2.99 a month)


40k in Ireland alone.

Considering they have 13m+ users and only around 1m of those are in Ireland - you would assume they have several hundred thousand using it now.