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Anderson went under awhile back. Surprised with that one, they were staying good digits. Guess they couldn’t find a route to profitability and sold out while looking after theirselves.

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It’s not over yet :face_with_peeking_eye: :face_with_peeking_eye: :face_with_peeking_eye:

This is an article from December. Its dead in the water :droplet:

So, thoughts on the vote for NowRX?

What vote? I’ve not received anything.

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I don’t think so, the latest GoodBox update (received today) says:

"The Restructuring Plan for GoodBox has been approved by the Court following a hearing that took place on 16 January 2023.

The Frost Group will step down as administrators of the company and Buchler Phillips Limited will be appointed as administrators to execute the Restructuring Plan. More information on the Restructuring Plan can be found in our previous update dated 16 January 2023. As mentioned in that update, the court has the ability to overrule dissenting creditors if it is of the opinion that:

  • None of the members of the dissenting class would be worse off than under a relevant alternative; and
  • At least 75% by value of a class of creditor or members, which would receive a payment or have a genuine economic interest if the relevant alternative were pursued, had still voted in favour of the plan."

Ah yes, just seen this update statement which has been released today.

They also mention that they (Seedrs) are expecting a report of the court hearing to be filed shortly at Companies House and will share this with investors.

I’ve voted yes - permission to liquidate the remaining assets.

What’s your thoughts?

I don’t see a realistic alternative - they have lost against the competition and unable to raise equity for what I can gather. Bigger players bought the patient files and were not interested in their quick fill tech.

Seems as though in the event of a sale only creditors would be paid and nothing left for shareholders.

Who sent this email, was it Crowdcube? I haven’t received an email but should have…

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Imagen Therapeutics update on CrowdCube is not looking particularly positive…,directors jumping shit left, right and centre.

Are they not? One resignation this year and two last year. An explanation from them would be helpful, but I note from their 03/06/22 update they are doing well (they could be lying, I guess).

Take a look at their recent comments on the discussion board. CEO left, interim CEO left a few weeks after taking the role, they have found a flaw in their core medical process/product. Sadly….I think this one will go hero to zero fast.

Do you have a link for the board?

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Sanjay needs to get back to the office



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Link here: Join and Start Investing Today - Crowdcube

And the update:
Dear Shareholder,

This post is further to the above, in which I outlined that the business was facing 2 main difficulties:

• The global financial uncertainty making the environment for investment deals much more
• A scientific issue in relation to our biobank assets

We have now completed a restructuring which has seen us reduce headcount by around 1/3, and technically we now have sufficient cash runway to last us until May, although this is dependent on delivering work we won in the latter part of last year and new contracts we may enter into over the coming weeks.

We have also been working hard on solving some of the scientific issues I alluded to
previously. However, it is fair to say that it looks like these are proving to be more complex and
difficult to solve than we had previously anticipated.

During the coming weeks we will be pursuing a number of avenues to seek further funding for the business. We are engaged with one potential VC, and we will (via our Corporate Finance adviser) be going out to a range of other potential investors imminently.

However, the situation remains challenging, and has been made more so by the resignation last week of Chris Noakes, who had stepped up to the CEO position in December, in order to take on a role in his home city of San Diego. Richard Goldstein has also stood down from the Board on the basis that he does not feel that the business can benefit at present from what he can add (general commercial experience, strategic and legal input), whereas the current pressing issue is scientific in nature.

Whilst I and the other Board members (all of whom have invested significant sums into the
business) are working as hard as we can to try to secure the future of the business, I am afraid I cannot provide any assurance that we will be successful in this endeavour.

I will keep you posted as to progress.

Jonathan Engler, Chairman

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coconut is cancelling its Crowdcube campaign so i suppose it will be the next to go down

An update from them would be helpful… Do they plan to pivot again, do they have cash reserves, will they just fold…

So many EIS loss claims to process….

How do you claim EIS loss relief through PAYE?