Carwow Crowdfunding

Just got an email to register interest Carwow’s crowdfunding.


CarWow’s pitch will be interesting. There is some more information about the crowdfund raise here.

I recently bought a car through carwow. Excellent savings I made without any haggling with dealers. For sure I would invest

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Please can you attach link to the register page. Thanks

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I’m the last person here who heard about Emoov’s crowdfunding and collapse - all happening during the same year.

Angel investing/VC funding - which is effectively what you’d be doing by investing in private startups - is highly risky.

So, I’m wondering if good customer experience :soon: translates into good business and financials here?

Uber is “good” for passengers. Not so for drivers. And the business model is still burning a ton of cash - would they have been so lucky without Softbank’s help?

Some recent high profile :rocket: and :boom: examples:

MoviePass - raises another $6mln in 2019:

MoviePass - shuts down… in 2019:

Emoov: 150% of target raised in July 2018:

With just under a week left to go, we have reached 150% of the target that was set in its latest crowdfunding round. In the two-week period since the round has been live, £1.5m has already been invested and it is likely that there will be more investment before the round closes.

Emoov collapses in 2018:

Emoov - it’s alive?

Here is the link.

#Investaware #capitalatrisk

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Aris David via Freetrade Community ezt írta (időpont: 2019. szept. 19., Cs 19:18):

I had a bad experience with them. Negotiated a price with a dealer. Took some time to think about it during which I shopped around including requesting quotes via CarWow. The CarWow quote was more expensive than the price I initially negotiated with the dealer but the dealer refused to honour it because they were now liable to pay commission to CarWow.

So an email went round saying the round is tomorrow. Just go to this link after 11am tomorrow and I’m 99% sure you’ll be in.

They also published the company accounts a few days ago, quite an Interesting read..

Once I get the pitch deck, might share a more thorough assessment. It seems they’ll be quite forthcoming with information.

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So far…

Pre-money valuation of nearly £179 million looks a bit optimistic to me, given car sales have been on the decline lately. I’ve not got access to the pitch deck yet, so maybe I’ll change my mind after having a read through that.


If CarWow can manage to significantly put themselves in between the buyer and sellers of cars that do sell, then there’s still a enormous opportunity.

Another car related startup has been on a incredible raising and hiring spree before launch

I am not impressed with Carwow accounts published where you could see that despite the turnover growth less than 30% resulted into more than 100% increased in operating losses…Screenshot_20190925-093332_Drive

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