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A thread to keep all the We funder discussion in one place.


I’ll start - thanks to @TickTock I’ve backed Place & would have loved Powur

What can you share @TickTock about the hemp insulation you shared. The eco benefits seems great but has a huge volume compared to spray foam.

Can anyone point me to an idiots guide to the tax etc implications of a UK resident investing via US based crowdfunders like Wefunder?
I only use UK based platforms at the moment (FT, CC, HL etc.)


Hadn’t heard of them before. Their website seems much less developed than Seedrs or Crowdcube. What’s your experience so far?

Ratings on trustpilot are few, but abysmal.

@TickTock might be better placed to answer that question @SebReitz - it’s a US based crowding funding platform which offers some different companies to the UK based crowdfunding pages. There is no EIS / SEIS which is a big disadvantage and require payment upfront but have some success stories.

Have invested as well a small amount into Place. Looks like a solid company.

Now exploring live investment opportunities of >300 companies!

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Seedinvest is also a very good crowdfunding platform.


Hempitecture was another recommendation to me. It ticks many boxes for me specifically around ESG, industry in need of change, market size and scalability, supply chain set up with localised manufacturing and most importantly the founders + of course a good old bit of gut feel.

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Yeah the Powur one was interesting for sure and the CEO is off the scale :rofl::sunglasses: Can’t help but get excited with characters like that pitching.

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Is it worth it without the EIS benefit?

Well, if I can make a return multiple of 281.68X just like those who invested in Zenefits did then I will say it sure does. With the US ones, I will be very selective. Personally, I prefer Republic but I did sign up to Wefunder as I think Place Technology is a good opportunity. Thanks