Crowdfunding platform comparison

Hi guys,
I’m hope this is the right place to post this.
I’m creating a site for comparison of the P2P investing platforms available and would like your input on what’s relevant and needed to show. I see investing in P2P platforms just as stocks and ETF’s. It’s always nice to go for the best returns, but it’s important to be diverse in case of risk, and therefor a wise idea to spread your investing across multiple platforms.

So far you can view Loantypes, Trustpilot score, Interest rates, Secondary Markets and Sign up bonuses.

I’ve been working on the coding of the site, but I’ll add more features like:

  • Minimum investment
  • Loanperiod
  • Category
  • Form of protection
  • Volume
  • Auto-invest etc.
  • I’ve of course added Sign up bonuses where I could find them.

Do you have any suggestions to what would be nice to track?

The site is brand new, so it’s a work in progress.

Best regards
Jacob Balslev


Have you looked at the work of ? They compare/review crowdlending rather than crowdequity, but their site might offer some ideas for your comparison work.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

looks good, didn’t realise there were so many P2P companies.

I added a some of the british platforms and improved the filtering, next step is fees, ISA’s etc. :slight_smile:

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