Hey, anyone had any good experience with Crowd2Fund? I just stumble up on them with Plank Clothing raising money but they offer revenue loan instead of shares. you still get rewards and repayment on your money every month.

I haven’t heard of them but after a quick look, it doesn’t look like something for me.

On investment opportunities, the businesses listed seem to be fairly new businesses started within the past year or two. That has always been so high risk in my opinion, I tried dabbling a little in seedrs when that launched and it just didn’t end well, I managed to make my money back from the few businesses that did well but the majority failed and my investment was lost.

For peer to peer lending, I’m looking more into DeFi with Crypto, obviously crypto is a very high risk thing in and of itself but using stable coins and defi you can offer loans that are collateralized so there is some element of protection. Regardless, that collateral is still volatile so there’s still some degree of risk, but with the way DeFi works and user ratings you can still make safe decisions.

From looking at everything, while it may not be for me, I can get why some people would do it. They claim (in their last report) that only 4.79% of loans issued have entered default stage but only 49.8% were able to be recovered.

With such a small percentage of defaults, if you diversify your lending you should be OK but I don’t touch startups, always been too risky for me, I’m not interested in their business or person ‘credit worthiness’.

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Thank you for your reply. Appreciate the feed back. I’m starting to take a break from investing in start up as well. I feel I’ve put enough in it for now. And I don’t feel it’s smart to tie up too much money when you can just build a portfolio via freetrade that’s less risky. I don’t know much about crypto I’m always confused with the amount of coins that come out the blue. But I will try read up more about them.