International Crowdfunding Sites

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Has anyone had experience in investing in crowdfunded start-ups through non-UK platforms? What are the main platforms used elsewhere and are Uk cictizens eligible to invest?



Hi Lee,

I came across and ,sorry but i never invested through them .

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Iโ€™ve never invested in them but have done some research into them. OurCrowd out of Israel they listed Beyond Meat at one time (not a fan just giving you the type of calibre they have) They have had some great projects one I saw over the weekend is a really good futuristic transport service. I believe there is a high barrier for entry when I looked at them before and the fees seemed really high.

I was looking at Indiegogo over the weekend and they seem to be offering more equity investments. I also found Startengine over the weekend as well

Thereโ€™s so many in the US but most of them require you to be an accredited investor. $1M net worth or $250,000 annual income. Investing through a company can bypass this I believe. DYOR


Hi Shane, thanks for the insight - OurCrowd does look good and seems to include some large-scale projects - I see ZoomCar is on there.

I found the same with the US ones and the other issue with them is that its not normally straight equity investment but rather vehicles like SAFEs.

Presumably the relevant consideration in most cases would be UK residents.

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This is a US crowdfunding site, not a personal recommendation from me though:

A lot of these pitches are scams or just terrible, canโ€™t believe people give their money to some of these.