Crowdcube - "We have funded 19% of UK Unicorns"

Expect to see Freetrade here sooner rather than later :muscle:


Very interesting panel/interview featuring Crowdcube CEO Darren Westlake alongside representatives from fellow platform Seedrs, Balderton Capital (VC), Curve (openbanking startup) and Bnext (Spanish neobank):

Exciting points for me as a crowdfunding enthusiast:

  • Bnext will be raising on Crowdcube in a few weeks. They’re the largest neobank in Spain and looking to expand to Latin America (they’re brave to want to tackle Nubank).

  • Robert Moffat of Balderton, as suspected, proactively encourages portfolio companies to crowdfund, explaining the Revolut, Nutmeg, Thread and Carwow raises. This invites the possibility of Exciting startups like Zopa, Cleo, Nested, Mojiworks, etc (I could go on) crowdfunding.


I’m an investor in Crowdcube. Imagine if they’d had Seedrs model of taking a cut off the value created rather than at the point of investment. On Monzo’s first raise alone they’d have made close to £2m already. Fortunately I’m an investor in Monzo and BrewDog but I’d have liked a piece of that sweet sweet Revolut…

Hadn’t heard of Bnext, thanks for the tip.

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