With Freetrade now crowdfunded, what's next? Where else do you invest?

Just thought it would be a good opportunity to exchange on which startups have you invested in and most importantly where do you find them? The key issue here is that there are now plenty of platforms to choose from with tens of new opportunities every week, so quite hard to keep track of all of them.

Here some useful links of tools found so far. Happy to hear your views and how you are organised

  • https://www.crowdability.com/ : Subscription-based. Provides ratings and rankings of live opportunities. Issues research reports on selected opportunities. Covering the US market
  • https://www.crowdtures.com/ : Free. Platform aggregator of equity crowdfunding opportunities. It has a daily alert / newsletter to recap the new deals. Covering major platforms in Europe and US
  • https://www.kingscrowd.com/ : Subscription-based. Ratings and analytics platform assigning a score to the live opportunities. Covering the US market