Crypto currency implementation (XRP)

(Andrew Jennings) #1

Hi I would be very interested to be able to trade in XRP.Anybody else interested in crypto currency please add your vote.

The ability to purchase crypto currency XRP
(Matt) #2

It would be cool to have an element of currency conversion in the app, similar to Revolut as long as it doesn’t draw away from the main focus.

(Andrew Jennings) #3

Hi Crypto currency is becoming a recognised form of money transfer.It would be nice to be able to buy and sell on here.

(Dave Smith) #4

The thing about crypto is it’s not traded on the stock exchange, and Freetrade is basically about giving you free access to the stock exchange. I would say crypto should be a very low priority as it’s not really what a stockbroker is for

I’m not saying it should never be in, just that it if it does come it should come after everything associated with becoming a fully featured stock broker