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This quantum computing company was founded in 1999 in British Columbia, Canada. It works to develop and deliver quantum computing systems, software and services to its clients so they can solve problems related to logistics, portfolio optimisation, drug discovery, materials sciences and even traffic congestion. Its clients include NASA, Google, Lockheed Martin, Mastercard and Los Alamos National Lab. D-Wave Quantum went public via SPAC merger with DPCM Capital in August 2022.


I’ve selected this quantum company recently for a small investment. Anyone else here holding stock?

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I bought these but right now at heavy losse

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Quantum computing is the future for sure, for me this is a long shot long term opportunity as there will be a long way to go yet before quantum becomes mainstream. One day we will have quantum PCs I’m sure of it. But that maybe 20 years away… DYOR

I think we will have quantum PCs, we won’t have quantum PCs and we both will and won’t have quantum PCs at the same time.

Hail Science


Ha ha love it

Your comment did wonders for the share price today :grinning:

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Haha, quite possibly, although be carful observing it, as it collapses the wave function!

Some interesting quotes on “reality”… I mean quantum physics ….

* Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. Niels Bohr.
* Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it. Niels Bohr.
* If you are not completely confused by quantum mechanics, you do not understand it. John Wheeler.
* If [quantum theory] is correct, it signifies the end of physics as a science. Albert Einstein.
* I do not like [quantum mechanics], and I am sorry I ever had anything to do with it. Erwin Schrödinger.
* Quantum mechanics makes absolutely no sense. Roger Penrose. 
* It is safe to say that nobody understands quantum mechanics. Richard Feynman.

I expect Shrodinger was upset with quantum physics because he lost his cat!… or did he?

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They are a specific use case though. They are unlikely to replace “normal” computers though (unless possibly they become cheaper to manufacture), so organisations that do use them will likely run them side by side with ordinary computers

They do require specific programs and algorithms to work, and in the event that they were able run programs like web browsers movie players, etc, they would behave in the same way that normal ones work.

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It may be that quantum computers will be used for advanced image processing and AI. I suspect that this will be incorporated in stacks of home devices.

I have a Hohem M6 gimbal for filming which has a tiny little AI camera add-on and it is fantastic. It recognise gestures and can track selected objects. As quantum computing advances I expect that we will see loads of applications, many of them that we would never imagine.

CCTV already uses AI image processing and Qbits will take this stuff to another level.

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Just purchased more recently… I do hope that the stock price goes above $1. It’s also all about confidence in the markets I hope good times return … good luck for your stocks my friend :+1:

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Quantum in the cloud is a way for home users to access the technology, it’s already available. Think this will grow and grow connecting normal apps and computers to quantum via cloud for heavy lifting processing then return results via cloud back to the users device.

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Have not got a clue what’s going on with this stock extremely frustrating… is it worth holding or sell at a lose .
Just don’t understand, company been warned get stock above $1 or be ejected .

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Moving in the right direction:

Stock price doesn’t reflect news … so something else must be prevalent

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I think they might have to go back to market and seek further funding as they have insufficient assets to cover the short term liabilities according to this D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE:QBTS) Health & Balance Sheet - Simply Wall St
This will add to further dilution of shares for existing holders…
BUT, if this company gets it’s ducks in order, places its bets right then all of that wont matter as the price will soar… I’m not sure how big a BUT that is though.
As always DYOR

Worthless rubbish stock …. Terribly managed , over estimated trash

Yes - possible de-listing or reverse stock-split on the cards

Yep good luck on this stock can’t afford too see this continue to slide lap of the gods with this company … cut my heavy losses