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Very keen to see this added so as to invest in ionQ as a future of quantum computing!

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Please search before posting.

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Would have been helpful if FT had kept the buy or sell information after the transition.

What is going on with IonQ? Is it just that quantum computing startups and the subject has had a few headlines from Amazon and China recently?

I can’t see a tangible reason for the spike (last I looked, it had gone up by 80% for me). I was expecting it as a slow long-term thing but it appears to have gone nuts.

I’ve been watching this closely. It’s been green pre market, during market and after hours recently. It nearly hit 20 today after hours before I don’t get it.

Looks a great growth stock, up nearly 200% on this one.

I think there’s a lot of excitement around quantum technology at the moment and IONQ has a lot going for it. It was the first quantum compute SPAC, and the first tends to permanently attract the most attention. It does have quite good technicals though, tripled bookings over summer, reasonable risk reward, PIPE full of blue chip tech investors with almost all of it locked up until $65ish if I remember correctly. So that.may be what is lifting the price. I’m sure there will be buying opportunities

Been one way growth since i added to my watchlist. Cue pullback when i buy some…

Going bonkers today again.

Edit - seems they were on US breakfast TV

Took a tumble today

Catastrophic decline. Wish Id been much more cautious.

It’s definitely a loooooong term hold though. They are probably furthest ahead in terms of quantum computing. Definitely a speculative buy but lots of promise if they can keep masking breakthroughs with the technology

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Bought some a week ago, now all of a sudden it’s in the paid universe? How does free trade decide