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This is a tech design and manufacturing firm. IQE provide semiconductor epiwafer products that are driving 5G technology and has been trading for over 30 years.

Now in free trade

What are peoples thoughts on the company

I bought in mostly for the solar and gallium nitride exposure. Plus the sterile nature of fabs seemed quite attractive a few months ago.

I forgot this was on FT.

Peel Hunt forecasts an adjusted pre-tax loss of £6.6m and a loss per share of 1.7p in 2020, v. £7m and 2.4p in 2019.

So things are heading the right direction.

I’m not sure what role IQE will play in the UK 5G rollouts, maybe someone technical can comment, but a lot of people on other forums seem excited about that.

Which other forums? I’d be interested to read more about this.

Not the best design or even discussion, to put it politely.

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The advantage the US and UK have is China is the mass producer of cheap electronics and will have to purchase chips from or IQE or Qualcomm for example which are made here. There are very fast new protocols involved in WiFi routers, mobile chips and satellites and ‘western’ chips are more advanced. The main barrier is the trade war between the US current administration and China, as not only are Chinese companies blacklisted but we are also forbidden to fill those orders.

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I see, thanks for these insights.

Would you say it’s best to stay away from this stock for now, until we know the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election?

Hard to say. Trump makes very strange trade decisions, but Hong Kong is a real problem if the US wants to impose sanctions. It’s a riddle

Any thoughts on IQE stock now that Biden’s in?

Any thoughts about this stock?

I invested thinking it seemed to have a good product and was based in Wales which was a bonus, beginning to regret it now though as it’s just going down further each day.

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Yeah… same here! And today’s value is not even better… :cry:

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I was a bit surprised by the drop after their financials released yesterday. Tempted to buy some more as I think it will go back up but I am fairly new to this though so let’s see.


I’m tempted but I think I’ll observe for the time being.

Tempted to cut my losses, I’m down 34%.

I keep holding on but just seem to sink lower and lower. I don’t understand this company, they seem to have the technology and products that are in demand, yet the profits aren’t there. Maybe it’s the way they are run. I don’t know, but I’m going to hang on. :grimacing:

Hopefully the turnaround has started