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Manufacturer of semiconductor products like processors , FPGAs etc. since 1968. Also owns McAfee.

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Intel growing again, claim they cannot meet demand. Shares up 7.5%. Intel threw away their manufacturing leadership, but that is not as important when no one can make enough chips.

Both HP and Dell blamed Intel CPU shortages in their outlook. Upgrade cycle happening now as Windows 7 support ends in Jan 2020.

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Intel beats earnings, up 5% pre-market. Other chip stocks also up on the back of it.

I went in on Intel again in November. They may not enjoy a process advantage as they did previously, but they’re selling absolutely everything they’re making. I sold AMD this year at ~$48, they’re still on the up and they will ,but I wanted something a bit cheaper, their PE ratio is 270 right now.

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I am going in on intel as well…

The chip price war is on. Some Intel chips offer up to 60% cheaper pricing per core, according to the company. The new lineup delivers 36% more performance on average and 42% more performance per dollar than Intel’s prior generation of chips

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I commented on this earlier in comparison to AMD, both great companies imo but looking from the outside I reckon Intel have been happy to take a back seat these two, three years with their eye on the next generation of tech with their quantum chips. I am absolutely long Intel and will look to add more on the dip :+1:t3: …nice wee dividend aswell which is a bonus with a company with so much upside potential.

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Hadn’t considered their dividend yet. Good shout. AMD now seems overpriced, it has beaten up Intel and other competitors the last few years, but also turned into one of those stocks whose rally now seems more sustained by hype than reality.

ARM Macbooks rumours have been circulating for a while. I can see it happening with their low end models, but it’s going to be difficult to move away from x86.


Was watching CNBC tonight and they were pretty bullish on anticipated Q1 earnings.

ARM Mac rumours suggest an announcement is due at WWDC.

Ouch. Already mentioned in the AMD thread, but Intel delays 7nm process node in their latest earnings. Down 13% pre-market despite beating estimates. I didn’t really care about missing 10nm, but it’s becoming a pattern.

AMD is going up 6,93% pre-market :chart_with_upwards_trend:. If the company delivers great results in the next report, it will get even better.

“We achieved record financial results in the first half of 2020 and raised our full-year outlook as customers rely on Intel technology for delivering critical services and enabling people to work, learn and stay connected. As the ongoing growth of data fuels demand for Intel products to process, move and store, we are confident in our multiyear plan to deliver leadership products,” said Intel CEO Bob Swan. “While the macro-economic environment remains uncertain, Intel shares are currently trading well below our intrinsic valuation, and we believe these repurchases are prudent at this time.”

Another company using Trump’s corporate tax cuts to buy back their own shares, in turn boosting the price and enhancing the share based bonuses that their execs get?

I follow tech loosely these days but Intel appear to be getting trounced by AMD, Intel are way behind on their next generation of chips and Apple finally had enough of them. If I was a shareholder I’d much rather see them spending £10bn on R&D and reorganisation rather than p**sing money up the wall on buybacks.

Please, someone correct me if I’ve got this very very wrong.


Intel spend a stupendous amount on R&D, see their Q2 update.

Apple is still not switching to AMD. Apple also make up a small percentage of Intel’s business. The full switch over is at least a year out, if not more.

What do you mean by AMD is trouncing Intel?