Demerger process £TILS

Any news or updates on this?

It’s with TILS to update the market, nothing Freetrade can do at this stage.

RNS on the Accustem listing

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Really poor update from TILS - it doesn’t provide clarity whether they are now only pursuing a Nasdaq listing or it will be dual listed.

They also originally said we would have our shares in Q4 2020.

The way I read it they are only listing on the Nasdaq as that suits there purpose. Agree it has been a long drawn out episode with still no firm date on our shares.

Yeah that’s the way I read it too, but it’s previously been a solely UK listing and a dual listing. Hopefully they clarify soon!

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Can we get a comment on the Accustem shares being allocated to our accounts following the 2 July 2021 RNS?


Looks like the allocation of Acustem shares from the 8th July. Cut off date was the 2nd November 2020

Yes it would be great to get confirmation from Freetrade that we will receive our shares in NewCo in the coming weeks.

Taken from Telegram:

No data, no price, no listing as yet but they have arrived.


It’s good to see them in the account regardless.

TILS have been absolutely useless throughout this whole demerger.