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The plus also gives you access to paywall stocks… That’s any stocks with a :plus_: icon. And free ISA.

I’ve just cancelled mine for now as I’m not currently buying/selling stocks… just holding.

But if you can keep 4k cash in your account it earns enough interest to pay for :plus_: plus… I’ve never been able to do that :laughing:

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whats the saying, go woke go broke … :face_with_peeking_eye:

Is there any saving Disney now?


When / if Disney decides to reintroduce a dividend that they paid pre Covid will be crucial. They are on my watch list to join my portfolio of dividend stocks. I may jump the gun early as they have fallen a long way for such a huge company.

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The Obi-Wan series on Disney Plus is worth the annual subscription on its own.
Cinema level visuals and so much better than the last three Star Wars movies.
If Disney can keep this up, along with the Marvel content, it will be tough for me to ever cancel my subscription.

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Disney was the worst thing to ever happen to Starwars. They destroyed my childhood
I can never forgive them.
They just ruin everything. IMO.
I could rant all night
I would never dream of sullying my portfolio with them.
Any who. That’s my 2pence worth. It’s good we are all different. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Episodes IV, V, Vi were the original and clearly the best.
I thought the prequels were ok, but nowhere as good as the originals.
And the sequels (made by Disney) were just average and I was disappointed with them.

The tv shows are a return to form.
If you ever have the opportunity, you should check out The Mandalorian and Obi Wan.

I think the Marvel movies are almost universally fantastic.

I really like the Madalorian … til they sacked Gina Carano for no good reason, then I refused to watch it again
Then they try and say if we dislike Moses Ingram in Obi Won its because we are racist … no its a rubbish character
same at Rose Tico … no nothing to do with the actress, Kelly Marie Tran, the character is rubbish, but Disney had to push it on us, we dont care !
go woke go broke

many people love Disney, could there be opportunities for future returns with it trading at 93.50 :face_with_peeking_eye:
I’ll pass tho :innocent:

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Mandalorian was alright, but I’ve lost interest now. I didn’t watch Boba Fett and I don’t really feel like I’ve missed anything. probably won’t watch Obi Won.

I though the last film was the worst Star Wars film ever and one of the worst films I’ve seen for ages

I did have some Disney shares, but they are one of the stocks I ditched to raise cash to pay off my Mortgage

Regarding “Woke” characters, I have zero problem with them making major characters more diverse. the problem is they always make them infallible characters with no flaws which in turn makes them boring. The Expanse does a way better job of having a diverse range of interesting chacaters

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I fully agree with your sentiments in terms of the recent political positioning under the current management, and leaning too much towards the vocal woke movement, which doesn’t always speak for the majority.

The Ron DeSantis signed Parental Rights in Education bill, is in my opinion completely reasonable, and also in my opinion, Bob Chapek belatedly speaking out against it negates the point of Disney paying hundreds of millions of dollars in political donations and to lobbyists etc.

Having said that, I was listening recently to Ross Gerber, CEO of Gerber Kawasaki, talking about the current situation with Disney, and he was saying that going forward whether you are on the left, or on the right, everyone’s kids love Disney.

That’s my take on it exactly.

Also, we have never yet lived in a world where Disney have had the full benefit of both the Disney+ streaming aspect (which is still yet to launch in China), along with the in-person real life Disney experience.

The tentative opening up of Shanghai Disneyland later this week is a positive step towards normal service being resumed.

Disney has an incredible amount of intellectual property including the Star Wars and Marvel universe, and it’s for all those reasons that I’m very bullish on Disney and I think going forward they will be a growth investors dream. I’m hoping to be able to afford to buy a batch of shares in the near future whilst they remain under $100 per share.


Is this a buy yet?
Reading back through the thread some were excited at ~$150.

I’ve been buying a share each week on payday. My intial 2 shares @ 150… Now at $94.

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I hear now that Disney have abandoned the term ‘Fairy Godmother’ at one of its attractions for a more gender neutral term :man_facepalming:.

As a shareholder I do despair.

Lightyear was a massive flop.

It may be a coincidence that it was the company’s first big release after they picked a side in the Florida Parental Rights In Education Bill.

It may be a coincidence that it was a kids film that featured a same-sex couple.

However I feel as though it may be possible that people are actually voting with their feet, pushing back against wokeness, and don’t want to pay to go and watch a lecture, or what they think is a virtue signalling message movie (even if they are mistaken in that thought).

If that’s the case I just think Disney are completely misreading the room. The vast majority of people are decent, hard working people who are not discriminatory and have no problem with minorities of any description. However they are also people who have been living through some of the most difficult and miserable couple of years since World War Two, who have very little money to spare, and for whom entertainment is an escape from all of that.

I felt entertained when I went to watch Jurassic World Dominion in 4DX. The same for one of my work colleagues when he went to watch the new Top Gun. Neither of us would have wanted to feel as though we were paying to go and watch a sermon, or to be re-educated, or to watch a lesson in corporate wokeness. Whether or not this a tag that can be aimed at Disney is something I’d like to reserve judgement on for now, however it is a tag I’d like them to shed as soon as possible.

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I think you’ve answered your own question, most people are decent and have no problem with seeing diverse characters. Disney knows this and must have figured out the benefits outweigh the lost profits from the small minority of snowflakes that are offended by seeing a gay or non-white character.

In markets where this isn’t the case (e.g China) Disney have shown they are willing to edit/localise to downplay black/gay characters to appease racist/homophobic audiences so I think they are keeping the profit motive in mind.


Interestingly the app is already showing the after hours price of $119 ( last updated at 21.23 ) as opposed to the closing price. Inconsistent with my other US shares that show the closing price.

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Tell me about it! As a hard working decent gay man, I’m sick of seeing straight couples in films. It’s so preachy when I just want to be entertained! :smirk:


Bob Iger is great in this podcast. Before he got back into the CEO role. The mention of the bond franchise is pretty interesting.

The SP has tanked recently. Watch this space

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