Freetraders’ most popular buys this week 🗓


Would Freetrade release data on value of shares bought and number of buyers? Or is this not allowed, under privacy/data concerns.

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Seems like tesla is consistently popular.

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Tesla is a sexy stock.


Elon agrees :sweat_smile:



Tesla gone naughty. :eyes:


Do you know if this data is number of customer purchases or number of shares?

Good question, we’re basing it on the number of purchases here.

Is that just for the new US stocks because the normal weekly ones I thought were calculated by the amount spent

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Yes I should have said - that’s changed this week (for UK & US stocks), we were basing it on the total value of orders before.

This is probably the better option because it avoids the chance of someone placing a big order and confusing things.

We could make it even more precise in the future though :smile:

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So if I buy one Sirius minerals stock every day it’ll impact the figures more than buying them all at once? Good to know :sunglasses:


Can we have top sells too?


Investing our savings wisely :smile:

I can see a big risk with all these reduced barriers to investment. People, potentially myself included, are just throwing money around with no real education or knowledge of how to invest well or how to analyse investments.

It’s not helped by the fact most people have not lived their investing life through a major downturn, it might be a big shock if a recession comes in the next 3 or so years.


That’s a potential risk and one that we want to help our customers avoid. As Jani mentioned in today’s blog post, one of our focuses this quarter is -

simplifying discovery, improving users’ understanding of their performance and helping them build a diversified portfolio.

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s not possible to guess the makeup of Freetrade customer’s portfolios or their level of knowledge etc. from these lists so you’re in danger of making some very big jumps to conclusions there..


Anyone investing in Tesla is looking for a world of pain


I havent invested myself just curous what your logic is ?

(New to investing and just trying to figure it out still)

My own view on Tesla is just that the share price/valuation has got way ahead of where it should be. For a while the company was worth more than Ford. Ford sells millions of vehicles every year world wide. Meanwhile I think I’ve seen two or three Teslas in my life

I also feel Elon Musk over promises/exaggerates and people get dragged along by that


Here’s the latest list, as I mentioned last week, we knew we could make this list more accurate and meaningful so we’ve based the top stocks on the number of customers who bought a particular stock this week. And we’ve given you the top 10 as an extra bonus :cake:


I love seeing these - it’s a fascinating insight into the community. Shouldn’t they be £ signs in front of the tickers rather than $ for most of those stocks?