Release stats

(Jeff puckering) #1

I know there will inevitably be a post about this but are there any interesting stats the freetrade team have recorded based on the first couple weeks of trading? Like amount of individual stocks bought, amount of money invested, made (or lost!)


I’d definitely be interested in hearing about this, maybe behind an investors only link?.. But totally understand that this will be very sensitive information, useful to prying eyes potentially.

(Denislav) #3

I would totally love to see them! I do like some stats sometimes :slight_smile:

(Kenny Grant) #4

This would make a great blog post. I think this is something Monzo have done really well, and it’s helped their growth and community engagement too. Once the numbers get high enough, a chart or figure on the home page counting up to milestones would be great.

(Jeff puckering) #5

Everyone loves an infographic,

Or even better… a gifographic!

(Ben #88) #6

I agree it would be pretty sweet! Even knowing how many accounts have been opened and have atleast one trade active would be a start!