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Not recieved a divident from 8 stocks

Payment can take up to 5 days after dividend date. Check your account total and ‘activity’. You may not always get notification of the dividend payment or notification (on app or email) sometimes arrives late.

As above. Always arives late but will eventually get it


Any updates anyone. I still haven’t got my dividend.

Nothing yet. Been with FT for over 2 years now, and never had to wait this long. Even the US dividends get paid faster than this!

Just got my dividend

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And its arrived!


Arrived and with the correct withholding tax :slight_smile:

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What tax is witheld and why? ive had 15% taken is this the tax you say is witheld?

Recieved but paid Capital Gains Tax for the 1st time! 15%, anyobe else paid it as 1st time i have after being witheld by Freetrade? Im nowere near my personal tax allowance, not that they know this so whats the reason suddenly now? Thanks

This is not capital gains tax, as DEC is a US company with a UK listing income is taxed by the IRS. The 15% can be claimed as a foreign tax credit if your generating enough dividends to pay tax.


DEC Directors were acquiring company shares during March '23. Usually a good sign.


I too have recently been aquiring more shares in DEC. And will continue while it’s still under £1. I have high hopes for the US listing when it comes along.


DEC Interim Dividend payment due 29th September, 2023.

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After a while out of DEC after the highs I couldn’t resist getting back in at these levels. Managed to squirrel away more shares than i had before and am more than content holding them for a few divs while they climb again. Great company with quite a volatile sp. With the next two dividends confirmed what’s not to like :smile:


They have a lot of debt and aren’t making money the way they should be.

I’d say it’s worrying I’m already invested but finding this out,

I’m a few hundred down ATM and dividend is high maybe unsustainable?

My AVG needs reducing tho at £1.13avg per share

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Wether it ever sees £1.75 or not as long as it can sustain it’s dividend then i’m good with that.

I made a good profit last time around but i’m back in now with my last top up before the close of business today. And i’m even happier that i’ve managed to accrue more shares than i had before.


Sounds promising then :+1:t2: might try get my AVG under the £1 mark for the next aug dividend payment


Morning all the Share buyback program has started. 10% of the shares will be bought.
It will be interesting to see what this does to the SP.

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