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This investment trust invests in a range of assets. Its goal is to generate a return of LIBOR plus 5.5% over rolling five-year periods.

Tried looking at the information sheet for this but get an error message http 400


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I don’t seem to get the KID to open at all, link above.

Good spot @Pja3 - it’s Here if you want to see it


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Updated accordingly :+1:

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https://quoteddata.com › 2023/06
abrdn Diversified Income & Growth next out the door?

board has announced that it has commenced a strategic review.

Inevitable end to this trust.
Even the announcement had no effect on the share price.
Traded at a large discount for near on 5 years.
Presently 25% discount.
Assuming the market doesn’t fall any further!!
If they go down the wind down road you are looking at 33% gain. I am assuming all assets are liquid. As it’s a “diversified” trust they may not be.
Another possibility is a merger but often there is either part or full cash alternative.
The merger options is for those who don’t want to pay capital gains tax. I don’t think there will be many that will need to worry about that!
6% dividend to keep you going while you await the outcome.
Not likely to take it up myself as no spare cash.
PS sector is crap in my opinion.
Aim is to protect your capital… generally with out growing it!

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A quick check suggest their portfolio is by no means liquid. Now that is a good reason for the share price not to move!