Dividends : April 2020

Dividends getting cut all of the place so this list is subject to change, but for now… here’s your April dividend payers.

Links to Simply Wall St for further research. Link to the FinKi basic search function so you can see what broker platforms already have the share available for trading.

Enjoy (as much as you can) :grinning:



Thanks a lot for this :))

You’re all more than welcome. :wink:
I’ve got some time on my hands! Haven’t we all??? :roll_eyes:
So anything else you want let me know.
I was thinking of making a simple research page per stock so you can see

  • Dividend Yield
  • Earning Per Share
  • Charges
  • Company Meeting Dates (this is a constant request - incase your familiar with the upcoming SRD II directive)

What else? Get your requests in now either here or at hello@finki.io
Like I said – time on my hands!!!