DJI - Dow Jones Industrial Average

Why is isn’t the Dow Jones Industrial Average not available on the Freetrade platform?

To not have the mighty Dow Jones Industrial Average is a gigantic oversight. It is expected just has much has the S&P500 anf the other big index funds.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average need to be on this site. It madness that not

The Dow is an index rather than an instrument, so it can’t be added as such.

There are a couple of ETFs which track the DJI though they’re relatively expensive.

I would amend the request to one of the ETFs below.

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Which offering in particular do you want added? I assume you researched what’s available and is eligible for the platform before posting.

One that followed the entire Industrial Average.

The tag DJI produced nothing in the tag.

I’ve flagged this with the team to see if we can add one of those two London-listed ETFs that tracks the DJIA.

While the index is often quoted in financial press, it’s not as widely tracked by ETFs as other US indices like the S&P 500. The DJIA is price-weighted rather than market cap weighted (like the S&P 500) and only includes 30 large US companies. For those reasons, a lot of people consider the DJIA to be less representative of the US market generally.

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Good Morning,

Is there any update on a DOW30 ETF being added to Freetrade?