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We’ve just added some more new stocks to the app & Dominos is one of them :drooling_face:

Feel free to create a new #investing-and-markets topic & share your thoughts about Dominos’ future with the community :speech_balloon:

Any thoughts on whether this is a good price point?

Bear case: Delivery aggregators such as Deliveroo make a big dent.

Bull case: 1) Quality Global Growth company with excellent brand & cash dynamics; 2) UBS says food delivery aggregator growth slowing and demand for pizza delivery robust. 3) Tiger cub Stephen Mandel’s Lone Pine Capital recently raised its stake by 80%

Interesting thread:

Bear case:
It’s just really shitty pizza. I don’t see how this company is not bankrupt yet with the delivery competition of deliveroo etc.


I would argue Deliveroo and Domino’s do not compete with each other, they are not even in the same economic sector.

Domino’s produces and sells pizzas, Deliveroo delivers food produced by others.

Domino’s can sell pizzas though Deliveroo or not, Deliveroo can deliver pizza from Domino’s or not.

There is a business case for Domino’s to maintain vertical integration of deliveries too.

Therefore, I would not short Domino’s based on Deliveroo performance only.

That said, I have always been surprised of how good a name and brand reputation Domino’s has been able to maintain throughout the years until now given they work with a rather generic product, Pizzas. :pizza: :drooling_face:


I agree. No sordough or copping on the trends. :frowning:

Ye no toppings or nothing

Edit: It’s actually quite good in Ireland, in the US it’s absolute crap


Are them stay at home people / remote working people eating Domino’s Pizza (USA) all week long?

Software engineers WFH can’t cook :man_cook: :woman_cook:

Don’t they have Turkey Dinosaurs in America?


Pick a President …

I think it has good growth potential considering the usa version is way ahead in price

That spike

Do anyone know the reason why they going up in share price that fast last couple days… Any specific reason witch I don’t know?

They settled a long running dispute with franchises last week.

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That’s the American business the U.K. one is a separate thing.

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It’s time to buy some :slight_smile: I see good potential.

Price getting interesting for this one