DraftKings (DKNG)

Looking for DraftKing stock in Freetrade DKNG

Bump. Would love this to be added!

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Looks entertaining
Drone Racing League embraces sports betting in partnership with DraftKings
| Engadget

Me too. Long time fan.

The lost merger between DK and FanDuel a few years back would have been interesting but probably for the best it never happened.
DK has been looking at European expansion for some time - would love to see them on FT.

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They already are.:+1:

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Few friends that are very experienced in stock market say the American crash is coming? Bought dkng for $55ps seen it rise to $70 dropped to $57 and now back up to $69 what’s people’s take on it? Re-buy on dip? Or is it just gonna keep rising and dropping for months! Can see long term massive gains with only about 26 states allowing the online gambling rules currently :thinking:

The crash is always coming lol. Question is how big of a drop can it be? and which sectors? as I saw Tech had it mid Feb due to money being transferred to other sectors as recovery is coming with hospitality etc but Gambling sector didn’t drop…

Regarding DKNG price target they say is $82 and long term is $100+ but yes it will drop back and forth like a yo-yo. If it drops at 59 or less I will be in but I am not touching it right now if it keeps moving between $67 and $72.

$74 seems to be the resistance.

Also, Flutter shareholders want Fanduel to be its own IPO so that will be interesting.

I can see it being like $120-$140 long term especially when more states change the gambling laws like NY and CA the big boys :rofl: I was waiting till maybe $40 but will it drop that much or lower​:thinking: didn’t it merge with fanduel?

No I think Flutter wanted to buy DKNG but it didn’t happen which would have merged both.

I think top 3 in the US are DKNG vs Fanduel vs Penn National with MGM Barstool Sportsbook catching up and then you have the rest of the brands with the small market share here and there.

One of regulations is an online betting brand has to partner with a land based casino unless its owned by the land based casino.

As Caesars casino is left behind they had to buy a brand to gain the online market share and are buying William Hill US only - https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/30/caesars-to-buy-william-hill-for-3point7-billion-in-sports-betting-drive.html