DMYD - Genius Sports SPAC

DMYD are due to merge with Genius sports who provide data to sports gambling companies like Draftkings. Seems like a great opportunity.

This is a sleeper stock with good fundamentals

Not my DD


Their technology has proved to be incredibly well made with long term contracts with some big dogs you’ll recognize:

Basketball: NBA, NCAA, March Madness
Soccer: FIFA, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga
Golf: PGA, LPGA, European Tour
Racing: NASCAR
Online Sportsbooks: DraftKings & Fanduel
Traditional Sportsbooks: MGM, Caesars, SkyBet, William Hill


• Already makes $140M+ in revenue AND is profitable, with $14M in 2020 EBITDA
• Growing at 30% CAGR, with $230M revenue and $68M EBITDA by 2022
• $500M+ EBITDA potential in the horizon
• Customer contracts have guaranteed minimums with upside on usage. The majority of 2020 revenue is locked in for 3-4 years on average
• Only ever lost one customer in the past three years

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Looks very interesting, great DD on reddit.

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Just looked up the Reddit deep dive. Sounds very promising.

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There’s Genius Sports $GENI, could it be its new ticker? I’m not sure if tickers change after merging with spac.