New SPAC stocks

$BFT - Paysafe SPAC
$QELL - Potential EV Spac
$RBAC - Fenway Sports SPAC
$Dmyd - Genius sports SPAC
$Thcb - EV Battery SPAC

I think BFT looks really interesting and has potential to compete with PayPal, the merger is meant to be Q1 2021.

Agreed, Dmyd has the potential to be a big player in the sports data world as well. Both hopeful for mergers in Q1.

Excuse my ignorance - Reading on the paysafe merger news, it says they’ll be listed in nyse as PSFE.

Does that mean we have to wait until then to invest into them, or buying BFT now covers that?

In short yes.

BFT is the special purpose acquisition company that intends to merge with Paysafe. Should the merger be agreed and the shareholders approve the BFT ticker symbol would become $PSFE

When I say yes sorry that’s in response to buying $BFT now

Fantastic, thank you. I’m all for long term investment into all things gaming industry, will definitely dip into this one then.

Where do you buy this? It’s not on FT

I bought it via schawb.

Yeah haven’t seen it anywhere so was trying to get it on here and a couple other platforms. Will try shwab

BFT will be added when they add the new batch of SPAC stocks they had a technical issue yesterday.So had to remove them hopefully they are added again today.

@Freetrade_Team said there will be SPACs rolling out today hopefully.


Quick 7 step insight into choosing a SPAC investment

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I can’t find Dmyd

I don’t think they’ve added it yet but hopefully they will soon. DMYD just made quite a big acquisition today so hopefully it’s added soon.

QELL seems as though it could be interesting

Watch this :rocket: now