Duckduckgo - Please give me your thoughts. Take the time to look into this firm and tell me what you think about the chances of it listing and how far this movement can go

I have no idea if they will IPO anytime soon, but their traffic stats are publicly available here:

It’s an interesting company because their USP (privacy) is only getting more and more appealing to people.


Yes. Our data. Pay up, google make 100 billion a year so on the surface of it it’s easy to think knowledge of your habits is low value, but its not

I’m not sure the privacy message has broken through to the average user? I swapped this year to DuckDuckGo and Firefox (but I have a background in tech). DuckDuckGo is decent, but it’s not quite as good as Google. Firefox on Android is not as integrated as Chrome.

Google is still absolutely dominant in search.

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I’ve got a background in tech aswell, and tried duckduck years ago in tor and tried it out for chrome. Personally for me my privacy is worth efficiency and integration and I think most people’s views are the same as mine just now, I think something big would need to be leaked about user data for ‘normal’ people to start using duckduck

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Have you not seen all the data leaks coming out of Facebook? Most people just don’t care. Now do you really think Google will be any different? Especially considering how Google have been broiled in controversy surrounding their privacy practises for more than a decade.


I’ve seen the data leaks but it’s nothing that had me too worried, I think we are heading away from platforms like duck duck and big data will get larger and larger and it will just be accepted as today’s younger generations really don’t seem to care. the boomer generation seems to be the ones that would support this sort of thing more, but hey just my two cents


I think it’s the younger generation that care more as they’re the ones who are more tech savvy and understand the implications, but the problem is that they make such a small percentage. I think the exception to that rule is the EU (not including UK), but I don’t speak to many who live in EU so not sure what the mindset there is.

iirc the recent FB data leaks mainly impacted US citizens, but considering things such as phone numbers are out in the open it’s a concern regardless of where you live.

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There’s only 1 true way to ensure your privacy on the Internet… Don’t go on it.

There is only so many ways a free privacy based search engine can make money… Without usage data. So not too sure what the business model will be for duckduckgo, as for privacy/security I think more people should adopt MFA where possible and password managers with different passwords for different sites etc.

Once Any of these online entities have your data consider it at risk… It doesn’t matter what browser / VPN / measures you use.

You’d be surprised how many of the younger generation are oblivious to security! Some of the younger devs and techs I’ve worked with (who I would expect to be tech savvy) would simply punch their info in to anything… Discord for example. LOL

I think most people simply don’t realise how engrained there data is in to day to day Web browsing.


They do make money, read up on them. I think the tide will turn with this eventually, they will pay us for what is ours

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Didn’t realise they make cash from advertising… Fair play! Happy new year!

I honestly know people who are well aware but just don’t care. Hell I can admit I’m guilty of this on occasion e.g. I do use a password manager but sometimes when signing up to a new site I will create a “weak” password because I’m being lazy or can’t always be bothered to click “more options” to disable cookies on those annoying GDPR things (sometimes they are absolutely atrocious and near impossible to turn off too) - not that I know if there’s any actual evidence that they do get turned off you go through the effort.

I also know I should have several different types of backups for my all of my data and it’s something I even tell other people to do…yet I barely do it myself and I have various IT qualifications. Once I eventually get my own place then I’ll be more likely to do it, but for now if something was to go wrong then I’d definitely be pretty screwed.

Isn’t this a refreshing thought.

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MS partnership?

I am an avid user of DuckGoGo, but then again am rather paranoid about my data - don’t user any social networks, other than lurk on LinkedIn and Reddit, always have a VPN on and use the Brave browser.

Doesn’t stop data leakage and companies can still follow you through fingerprinting, but it minimises my digital footprint at least.

I think over time people will get more savvy about how their data is being mined and exploited, but for now the vast majority just doesn’t seem to care. If they were to IPO, I’d buy shares - perhaps less with the expectation of stellar returns, but to support their cause.

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Yes I would certainly buy in. I have a nagging feeling they are on to something that will grow

After looking in to Duckduck again I found the browser page via google, Ive tried to get into the habit of using it all the time but I guess its really about 50/50 between it and google (habit)

But the ironic thing about it all is I am getting a relatively large amount of targeted ads for Duckduck now. So that must mean they have a ad stategy that uses Google against itself, which is quite amusing

Further ironically Google probably pay for it by falling foul of anti competition regs.

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