Ebang International - EBON

A China-based blockchain technology firm focused on chip design and manufacturing Bitcoin mining machines.

Anyone wondering, this is about to burst through the ceiling. IMO


I second that. Have faith in this. I wouldn’t stick all my money on this. But definitely worth a punt

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Bit of research on ebang, this sounds promising!

On the UP today,.kick on majestic,…8)

I don’t suppose you know how the beta testing went?, thankyou

I don’t I’m afraid. I’ve tried to find some info everywhere but to no avail!

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No worries dude. Luckily everything I have in now is profit from the spike. Obviously still curious how it went. I mean I should be telling you as seen as I’m Elon Musks long lost failure of a brother

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I’ve been watching this one today. Down hard. Might jump in if it goes down below 6.

Where does it say 1st week of April

People like there own comments . That’s just desperate.

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This took a pounding today. On the back of this report Hindenburg Research then made a killing. I’m 30%down, albeit on a very small outlay.

:sob: @Longsider

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Ebang International Holdings, Inc.in response to Hindenburgh Research report.

Well that was last weeks news, what’s going to happen next week?

@Nicebutdim Share price still dropping.

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I think you might be right!

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@Doubledig we might both be wrong if it carries on like today! Can anyone explain what changed to cause the rise?

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im not entirely sure if these are accurate or even comparable figures but in my opinion ebang stands to recieve a huge amount of orders if they have this level of performance for the price listed, + with the hindenburg research report now might be the best time to continue investing with ebang. wasnt it warren buffett that said that ‘you should be greedy when others are fearful’

@millionaireyouth Indeed, Warren Buffett did say that. I heard that Ebang currently has 10 lawsuits going on, including the one against Hindenburg.

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