eBay Inc EBAY

One of the earliest e-commerce sites, eBay is a huge marketplace for businesses and individuals alike.

Anyone know what has caused the 10% drop today?

It’s likely due to their Q1 results announced: eBay Inc. - Investor Relations

EPS was a lot lower than expected for Q1 to start…

Fees have been a killer for years!

How Ebay are not massively jumping on the re-use fast fashion moment is insane :man_facepalming: After getting a kicking from Amazon for a while they do have a window of opportunity to shine again but don’t seem to be making the most of the current trend.

I bought eBay this week in my Freetrade ISA for the 1st time. Any other eBay investors here?
I’ve been using eBay a lot selling stuff the last couple of weeks!

I know I’m replying to a 1 year old comment but I only ever list stuff when they have their “80% off fees” weekends. The rest of the time I avoid it like the plague.

Marketplace fees on eBay and Amazon are far too high for business sellers. I’m always amazed that the competition commission, or whatever it’s called this week, has never got involved.