Hi guys. I am new to trading, never done it before in my life. However I have been doing my research and really learning . So can I ask this question which I am not ashame of.
My question is, when browsing throught the discover, what are the %figures I see in red and green underneath the prices?.
Please explain just want to be sure that they are what I think they are.

Thankyou guys



Really hope you enjoy the investing journey.

On Freetrade I believe they use the monthly performance preview, which is the % increase/decrease you are seeing.

Example, 1 month ago today the share price value is used as the baseline (0% change) and then any deviation from the baseline is what you see shown in red or green.

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Hi, those are the 30 day change figures. Because the market is a bit volatile at the moment it’s hard to judge just based on those, so probably best to click on the ones you like and go to 1 yr or all time, then you can see the crash in march and how they’ve recovered (or not) from there.

I’m hoping ft let us change the figures one day.

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Thankyou both for your rapid reply. I understand now.
Can you please suggest best Uk companies within Freetrade with good dividends.

If it’s a pure dividend play you are after, you won’t go far wrong with these ones to start you off:
KNOT offshore Partners (KNOP) 15.25% yield
BP (BP) 10.5% yield
Iron Mountain Inc (IRM) 9.5% yield
Altria (MO) 8.75% yield

Edit: :rofl: just realised only BP is UK listed, the other 3 are US listed :rofl:


:grinning:also noticed that.

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