Might be a dumb question

Okay so like the title states this may be a dumb question so please be kind.

I have investments in UK stocks such as £MAB and £JDW. I have started to use a portfolio tracker and the stock price that the trackers come up with (and a quick google search) is soooo much higher than the price per share on Freetrade. Can someone please explain what I’m sure is a very obvious reason for this is.

When you say higher can you give examples? is it x100 higher? It is likely they are showing the price in GBX (pence), rather than GBP (pounds), which is what freetrade uses. So for example £MAB is currently 307 GBX (307 pence) on Google, and £3.08 GBP in freetrade

But they are all obviously the same value when it comes to it.


Okay I knew this would be an obvious answer! Its in bloody pence! Thank you @woody :smiley:


Ha ha, it happens to the best of us Jenny, it certainly happened to me when i was starting out. Another one to look out for is stocks that are listed in both the US and the UK. I was researching dividend stocks once and bought Dominoes UK shares based on dividends for the US ones, it seemed too good to be true, and it was, sadly. :joy: