New to trading and difference in price

New to trading and new to FreeTrade, could someone explain why is it the price of my share on Freetrade app (£1.50) is minimal compared to same share price on Google Finance (GBX 183.82) ??
Also any recommendations of any good beginners literature to read? watch (youtube)
Thanks!! Regards

Hi, and welcome to Freetrade! Which share are you looking at?

Also, GBX refers to the price in pence, just in case you weren’t aware.

Ahh thank you, i did say beginner haha
The Mark & Spencer’s share

No problem Mark, I think Google may have been out of date as it seems to be the same price as Freetrade to me.

Here’s LSE’s site, currently £1.83 which is the same as Freetrade: London Stock Exchange | London Stock Exchange

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Edit: here’s Freetrade for me.

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Thank you! sure does and what a great community here :slight_smile: happy trading!


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