Seeing different values

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is having a nice Easter break and keeping safe.

I recently downloaded the app and thought I would learn investing a little bit. I bought a couple of cheap shares, today I thought I’d play around a little more seeing as the US market opens in a few hours for me.

I noticed when I looked at the shares I bought, or any share price for that matter on the app, the price is completely different on Google.

For example, Bluefield (BSIF) shows as £1.38 on the app but on Google it’s £139.00. Am I looking at something wrong? Everything share I compare from the app and Google is wrong for me

It’s pence versus pound. GBX is pence.

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Omg what a dumbass I am. Thanks @SebReitz!


I asked that exact question when I first started using it too :smiley:

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