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EHang is a stock listed on the NASDAQ and a fantastic opportunity for long term growth investors this has to be added to Free Trade SOON!

About EHang Holdings,

EHang Holdings Limited operates as a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, focuses on aerial vehicle technology, as well as offers passenger transportation and logistics services. EHang Holdings serves customers in China, Europe, North America, West Asia, and international as far as I’m aware.

If you have feedback, do share. I hope you all have a good day.

Here is a short clip on EHang (AAV Tec Company), enjoy. EHang, a world’s leading autonomous aerial vehicle (“AAV”) technology platform company - YouTube


I’m super excited about EHang too! I need to be able to trade this in UK!

More than doubled within the last ~6 weeks. Would be good to see this on FT.

Umm, it’s already available :man_facepalming:

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Apologies, searched on FT but somehow missed it.

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No worries, and no need to apologise :slight_smile:

Wolfpack research have released a report saying that Ehang is a sham.

Anyone seen it and what are your thoughts on it.

Stocks down over 53%

I got out. Don’t know what to make of the report. But if something can make your stock drop by fifty percent it’s probably best not to ehang around in that company.

Nevertheless bought at 18 dollars so not too upset.

Might buy back in when the dust settles.

I was looking to buy this a few weeks ago I decided against it which may turn out to be a good decision.Will keep it on my watch list and see what the companies response is before investing.

I’d like to wait for Ehangs response but some initial thoughts:

  • Wolfpack don’t seem to have a very good track record of shorts, many of their previous bets are up 100%+ which is very telling.They don’t strike me as a research firm that does serious DD but instead a classic short seller that dumps a “report” and banks a nice profit for themselves.
  • Their report is full of laziness which is also very telling considering they released it right in the midst of Chinese New Year (I wonder why, it couldn’t possibly have something to do with the inability of the company to respond immediately). Just some errors:
  1. They claim to have visited their “main manufacturing” centre in Guangzhou and complained about it. Their AAVs are made in Austria and this is well known.
  2. They criticise the low R&D budget, without factoring in lower labour costs.
  3. They vaguely criticise the safety of the aircraft configuration, despite it being a long-used octacopter design which is more safe than regular quadcopter drones most are familiar with.
  4. They threaten the ADRs could be worthless but this is technically true of all Chinese ADRs. This is padding. Is Alibaba worthless?

Etc I could go on but I personally get the idea and if it double dips I will be adding to my position. I’d like clarification on the main customer (if this is true, in their last earnings for example they claimed to have delivered several firefighting units) and particularly the receivables position.
The fact is even if it had no revenue with the other eVTOLs going public at multi billion valuations this is renowned as a leader in the space so the price will always rebound.

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SCMP write they will release a more detailed rebuttal, which is understandable given the holiday, but nothing so far.

In the meantime this is the most detailed analysis I’ve seen online:


Official CEO Response

Stock up more than 10% on release, this might turn into quite a buying opportunity…

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From my perspective irrespective of whether the report is a dud or not or it’s short manipulation the fact is a single report caused the stock to drop 60 percent plus.

I’m surprised it’s rebounded given all it takes is a report from one company to crash the stock that much.

Not sure if it’s just me but this discussion page isn’t available when I look at the stock on the app? Please can it be linked in the same way it is for other stocks?

It really is not. Some stocks are like that. You have to manually search up the discussion page.

Taking off!

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