Emoji stocks


In honour of World Emoji Day, I challenge you to name these stocks in emoji form. Get all of them, win some form of prize (to be determined later - it could be a high five).

Well done to @Lkinsman. Answers blurred below


:uk::fuelpump:️ = BP
:expressionless::open_book: = Facebook
:uk::us::smoking: = British American Tobacco
:credit_card::factory: = Card Factory
:woman_judge:t4::fork_and_knife:= Just Eat
:moneybag::shopping_cart: = MoneySupermarket
:abcd: = Alphabet
:goal_net::ok_hand:= Netflix
:medal_military::red_car: = General Motors
:running_man::eye::cloud_with_snow: = Activision Blizzard
:fox_face: = Fox


British American Tobacco
Card Factory
Pass :thinking:
Pass :thinking:
General Motors
Pass :thinking:
21st Century Fox


:uk::fuelpump:️ = BP
:expressionless::open_book: = FB
:uk::us::smoking: = BATS
:credit_card::factory: = MA
:woman_judge:t4::fork_and_knife: = G4S / SRP (?)
:moneybag::shopping_cart: = AMZN
:abcd: = GOOGL
:goal_net::ok_hand: = MANU(?)
:medal_military::red_car: = FWONA
:running_man::eye::cloud_with_snow: = APPL(?)
:fox_face: = FOXA


Excellent efforts so far. @Lkinsman in the lead.

(Vladislav Kozub) #6

I wonder why AAPL :no_mouth:


Based on the :eye: and the :cloud_with_rain: - iCloud?

More than likely wrong though.


Fraid it is wrong. Warning: this one is a bit tricky.

(Vladislav Kozub) #9

That is genious! eyecloud :thinking:


At risk of getting very 80s:


It’s wrong though. Couple of other ones I got wrong, but I think @Lkinsman has right are:

:credit_card::factory: = CARD
:moneybag::shopping_cart: = MONY

(Vladislav Kozub) #12


(Dave Smith) #13

I think the first two Lkinsman passed on are

Just Eat

(Vladislav Kozub) #15

Driving me mad how you got to Netflix :hushed:


So obvious now you say it! Still no clue on the 2nd to last one though…


It becomes clearer now they said it:

:goal_net: = net
:ok_hand: = flick ( flix )

(Dave Smith) #18

looks like a football net and and hand flicking something

(Vladislav Kozub) #19

I see now. β€œFlick” was not in my vocabulary :slightly_frowning_face:


I was confused at first as well

:ok_hand: is OK normally but it also looks like flicking ( flick -> flix )


Very good :clap:


I’m guessing you can figure out :running_man::eye::cloud_with_snow: by looking at the list of stocks Freetrade will offer…it’s the spreadsheet with the awesome company descriptions.