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Escape Hunt Plc

Escape Hunt PLC, formerly Dorcaster Plc, is a provider of escapes the room experiences. The Company’s escape room is a physical adventures game in which players are locked in a themed room and have to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape against a countdown clock. Its games typically require players to solve a crime story or mystery, which has been tailored to the location of the branch, within 60 minutes. It operates in approximately 50 cities and 30 countries worldwide. The Company also offers its own brand of indoor and outdoor entertainment from Sydney to Singapore, Bangkok to Brussels.

#ESC this is a great op for a recovery! Consensus says this should be back over 30p very soon :fire: :fire: :fire:

Please add this to Freetrade :money_mouth_face:

Escape Rooms are a competitive market with low barriers to entry. It’s basically impossible to build a moat. They’re already everywhere. See Peter Thiel’s thoughts on investing in restaurants.

Escape Hunt offer a franchise model, but unlike say, McDonald’s - I can’t see the benefits of being a franchisee.

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I was about to say the exact same, where is the moat. I’ve got a shed in my back garden, I’ll put some neon lights in it.

Then again, maybe they’ve got the formula for success perfected. From reading Peter Lynch’s book he said he’d find a restaurant chain that is doing well in one area of the country and is looking to expand and that seemed to be a successful strategy.

I would also like to see this on Freetrade

Had to jump on trading212 to open a small position — do you know how horrendous their UX is? Save us from suffering :smiley:

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Uk aim addition request - Escape Hunt - thanks

Would love this. Already getting established with many rooms around the country and selling franchises world wide. They have also developed virtual versions for multiplayers. This is the type of business you need to move into all the vacant retail buildings in the high-street, it won’t be shops

Bumping this, volume is picking up

Agree. This UK stock needs love.

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Yes if this was on Freetrade I could stop using the platform I hold Escape Hunt on now. I’ve grown to dislike using it and would prefer to get the money into my Freetrade Portfolio. This business isn’t just highstreet escape rooms, it has online capabilities and they are doing very well. Another great team

Are you holding it on 200+12?

DEGIRO. I was using it to buy some micro caps that were hard to get on most platforms but eventually sold everything with a bit of profit and added to Escape hunt which is my only holding there now

Its a bit annoying as I have been reluctant to put any more cash into that platform so I haven’t built the same position in ESCE as I would have had it been on Freetrade

Can someone check if this is on the system? I can’t see it for some reason.

I have checked some of the other additions an they aren’t showing yet either. So I expect they will start to show soon

Last week I got the forum notification a few hours before the batch drop so it might be tomorrow.

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I see it. At last

Just got to a 100% gain on ESC. Now for the painful selling off to transfer to my Freetrade ISA

Wonder if this is the catalyst for recent rise.