ETF strategy's


I have some shares in S&P500, MSCI China and MSCI world.

I do not want to buy into something over £20 per share. Are there any that I should look into? Or re-invest in the ones i have already?

Just wanting views, not advice :slight_smile:

Focusing on world shares can’t hurt

Maybe look into some UK ones as well FTSE 100/250 etc.

I thought about FTSE ones, I have shares in lots of UK companies so was looking for a more diverse ETF.

Ah sorry - I assumed you had just been investing into ETFs

Diversity is the key so a good spread of sectors, country, maybe some ETF bonds?

I thought about Bonds, any good information/comparisons?

ETF bonds are essentially a collection of date - so helps spread the risk
(Genereally considered safer than shares but with less return)

People talk about a split so 80/20 is a common split between shares/bonds

But do your own reserach and look at your risk level/needs


OK, i have an order for S&P500, MSCI World, MSCI China. Shall look into ETF bonds for my next round of investing.

Any good websites to check out?

But there are lots out there

Obviously can only be based on historic data so keep that in mind