ETFs denominated in USD


Why does freetrade does not offer ETFs from LSE that are denominated in USD?
Example would be VAN ECK GLOBAL ESPO Stock | London Stock Exchange
There is the same etf available in Freetrade but denominated in GBP - LSE:ESGB

If Freetrade is offering US stocks I assume there is no technical issue in offering those ETFs right?

If that is so can Freetrade members please elaborate why they are not available if their couterparts were made available?

Why? ESPO would incur exchange fees, ESPO and ESGB are the same ETF so for most people its not a big issue.

You can request it if you want.

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ETFs denominated in USD are on the roadmap. Edit: I can’t see it anymore but I was sure I read it before)
ETFs domiciled in USA are not offered due to regulatory rules.

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Same as US stocks so I don’t see the issue here.