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Sanctions don’t really concern me for a few reasons:

  • Eurasia isn’t a Russian company, it’s a British company that operates in Russia
  • The world really needs PGMs and Nickel, any sanctions are unlikely to target them as it would only damage British/American/European companies
  • Japan and China would happily sweep up any shortfall in demand in the unlikely event sanctions target mining companies

“Having to sell to a Russian entity” isn’t much of a concern to me either:

  • Anglo American, Barick Gold, Rio Tinto have all previously been involved in mining and exploration in Russia. There’s plenty of different ownership structures that can work for a buyer
  • Russia wants these resources mined, as it creates jobs and tax revenue
  • The most likely buyer of MT flanks is NN, who are Russian anyway

I personally wouldn’t make any investment decisions based on second guessing Putin.


If it’s all based on share price increase… What’s your average price? :slight_smile:
It must be a very good average price (compared to the current).

I’m not entirely sure because I have crystallised my holdings more than once (& that messes the app up) :sweat_smile:

I bought a large number at 3p and then later again at 12p. I’ve also topped up with smaller amounts around 18p.


This took a big dive down 49%


Yep painful day.

So far it doesn’t look like sanctions will directly impact EUA , as expected.

(Should caveat this by saying that on days like today, I’m less concerned with SP and more concerned for the safety of those in :ukraine:)


RNS - No impact from UK, EU or US sanctions.

Also confirms that as a UK company they bank with HSBC in London and the weakening Russian currency makes their operations more profitable.

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Hmm wonder what’s happening here then


16/05/2022 07:40am



Trading on AIM for the under-mentioned securities has been temporarily suspended from 16/05/2022 07:40am, pending an announcement.

ORDINARY SHARES OF 0.1P EACH, FULLY PAID (0323042) (GB0003230421)

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Ooh, my RNS notification didn’t ping so I missed this.
Let’s see what comes. Surely something big!?


We can only hope lol

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Seeing various rumours and theories flying around, hopefully it’s the big one and they let us know in the next few days!

Another long drawn out suspension will be harsh on investors who’ve been patiently waiting for 2-3 years!


Well that was a letdown. Trading resumes tomorrow, no material news to publish.

Very weird.


I wonder if we ever discover the reasons why :thinking:

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New non-exec director appointment to assist in the sale of assets. AIM say trading resumed now that an announcement has been made.

Not sure why it warranted a suspension but here we are.

Share price nailed on to fall today due to the uncertainty

Edit: if that was the drop, it was over quickly! -16% open, back up to green in under 10 minutes


Do you guys have these in the freetrade app?

Edit: asking because i swear they used to be and now they’ve gone from mine :man_shrugging:t4:

What’s going on with the trading of this? Resumed this morning but still unable to trade?

Hi. Following the restoration notice from the LSE about this stock, it is now available to trade.

Capital at risk.

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Annual Results and Notice of AGM for any holders of this stock

Whatv did i miss? Up 29% in one day

Down 25% in a day ouch

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