Jubilee Metals ⚒️ ♻ - JLP

UK-based metal recovery business specialising in the retreatment and recovery of waste generated from mining operations.

Anyone have an opinion on this - which is obviously not advice

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I’ve invested in this stock. All I know is, Palladium is a by-product of Platinum, and there is an increasing interest in palladium in jewellery therefore we’ll see more by-products come on the market, more notably for cars. More research needed, but for the low price, I’ll hold this for a year and assess in 12 months time.


My order for Pan African Resources got rejected. Over to Jubilee Metals then.

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calculatedrisktaker is pretty much the opinion on this i’d agree with and why i bought a good chunk of shares for them. Makes sense to not only invest in the source that mines a particular metal but the companies that profit from the waste products, in this case Palladium. You’re getting in on the action from both sides way I view it.


Comment if you have invested on this. And report on any latest news and analysis.

Someone is confident.


Colin Bird, Non- Executive Chairperson of the Company, bought 500 000 Jubilee ordinary shares (“Ordinary Shares”) of 1 pence each at a price of 4.05 pence (ZAR79.26 cents) per ordinary share on even date.

How should I read this?

Did he buy £2m worth of JLP?? Or did he buy the shares for 1p each?

I find it interesting how some people look st director dealing on this forum. I’ve started researching them as well.

No he paid 4p a share, bought £20k’s worth.

The 1p is the original share issue price.

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Seems I late to this news. I’m in the green now with this share.

This is another one I’ve been tracking on Freetrade and doing some assessment on as I like the recent news in last 18 months and especially insider buying last few days.

Below is a video I put together on the company and stock. Hope you enjoy. It’s not recommendation or advise etc, just sharing my own thoughts


Jubilee Metals Group PLC (LON:JLP) has delivered a 778% boost to its earnings for the six months to end December 2019 to £6.67mln, up from the just £760,000 delivered in the corresponding period in 2018.

Cash generated from operations rose 570% to £4.89mln, and overall revenues were up by 205% to £25.4mln.

Jubilee paid £17.7mln in cash for investments during the period, whilst at the same time reducing external debt by £2.2mln, keeping the net gearing ratio at 0.3%.

The company is currently backed by the cash generated from operating activities and by the proceeds of a recent £6.5mln oversubscribed capital raise.

At the year-end, the group’s cash and cash equivalents stood at £10.2mln, with short term assets covering a healthy 166% of short term liabilities.

Some covid19 restrictions holding price back but still very excited what they’re doing. Margins are fantastic on current projects

Earnings up 54% in H1 2020 despite 2 months of covid restrictions


Are 7% jumps in a day normal for this?!

Another big day for this one yesterday.

Yea surprised how much it jumped? I bought a load of their stock near end of last year and kinda left it to simmer. Good to see its starting to rise!

I think that people are starting to realise that the strong earnings growth is going to continue for the foreseeable future and that at the current price this looks quite under valued. I recently watched a video interview with the CEO and I was impressed by their plans, their delivery on their plans, and how the CEO is clearly very on top of the details. I really like the direction that Jubilee is heading and I’m now starting to build up a position in it. DYOR, etc. :slight_smile:


I watch this stock a bit. The forward PE and margins are really promising. I think it is a free cash flow generating machine for next few years. The copper diversification beyond PGMs also really good. I did a video few months back and it has really made some shrewd moves since then. I hope to do a update soon on Jubilee


Just ticked over the 100% profit mark on this one. Shame my position is tiny. Never the less, my first 100%+ position since i’ve begun investing.

Thank you Jubilee & Freetrade