Neometals Ltd - NMT

This company is an Australia-based mineral project developer. It’s key focus areas include lithium, titanium and vanadium and it has developed a process for the recovery of key metals from scrap and end-of-life lithium-ion batteries (LIBs).

What’s that batteries and metals? … surely @J4ckSt4yn3s knows a thing or two about NeoMetals


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Not that much to be honest. But i’m fixing to change that :wink:


Thoughts on this then :thinking:,

I’m holding out for another month to watch the share price, then going to invest a small amount and see how it goes.

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Im still putting all my faith and money in to TM1, think I’ll hold out a couple of months on this one😕

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Can i ask why was i charged 87p a share when i bought shares when the max the shares has ever been was 86.5p a share :thinking:

There was no stamp tax on this so why was i charged 87p any one help me out on this please

When was the trade made?

Hi there Steve the trade was made on 3rd March 2022

Looking back at the trades that day on , most of the buys went through at 87.92p with a few at 86.997


Oright i was looking at the freetrade prices though the app. And on the app max its gone up to was 86.5p. Thanks for clearing this up up

That may be the closing price on a day - stand to be corrected though


This stock seems very interesting but with the way TM1 has been moving at the moment im a little hesitant to dive in this month. Will definitely watch it for a little while and see how we are next month.


I decided to dive in today and bought some shares, only a small amount to see how it goes. 30% down on Technology Minerals so hope this one doesn’t go the same way!

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Well I’m a newbie to investing but I would have thought investing in a company like this would be more long term?

As electric cars and green battery storage become more popular and natural resources become more scarce, there will be value in recycling these materials?

Maybe after 2030…

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Like where this is company is going, if you are into technology minerals worth checking these out…Neometals (ASX: NMT) managing director / CEO Chris Reed at 2022 New World Metals Conference. - YouTube


Bad times