I have been requesting couple of times the below products but no feedback from the team.
Can someone confirm whether or not the following products can be made available for trading on Freetrade?

GraniteShares FAANG ETP - FANG
GraniteShares FATANG ETP - FTNG
GraniteShares GAFAM ETP - GFAM
GraniteShares 1x Short FAANG Daily ETP - SFNG
GraniteShares 1x Short FAANG Daily ETP - SFTG
GraniteShares 1x Short FAANG Daily ETP - SGFM


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With respect, you’ve done this before and were told why multiple posts in a single request weren’t helpful. Someone provided a link to the request form on that occasion. Requests aren’t worked on immediately and posting the same thing again isn’t helpful.


I am searching for additional information. With respect, respond if you can add value to people asking questions!


I think these ETF products could make it easy for investors to invest in the US markets with something that brings together the most sought after stocks. Equally weighted and quartly rebalanced are perfect for long term investment.

Inverse ETFs can help reduce a portfolio’s redundant exposure to FAANGs, let’s see if those will be added on FreeTrade :wink:

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