Favourite investment trusts

I recently moved my isa over to freetrade and am looking for some ideas on investment trusts to add to my portfolio. So if anyone has an investment trust they really like please do share


JPM Emerging Markets is one I would recommend for any investor!
Consistently beats MSCI EM, well diversified and an experienced long term manager who sticks by his style. It’s a core holding for me

Edinburgh Worldwide and Scottish Mortgage are fantastic too even without Tesla outperformance.


Monks Trust-Really well diversified and has great consistent growth and invests in solid companies. I see it as a pretty safe investment kind of like the S&P500 just with better growth and returns, it doesn’t get hit hard by big tech dips and market volatility due to its diversification and is also diversified across worldwide regions.

SMT- Obviously the biggest one of the past year huge growth but heavy on Tesla not as diversified as Monks but potential for bigger gain. They invest in a lot of big potential companies that other trusts don’t but it’s paid off for them so far.

Allianz Tech Trust- Good pick of tech companies includes some of the big boys in their top holdings but also some more new players show up in their top holdings with potential for big growth e.g-Crowdstrike/Zscaler. Prefer it to Polar Tech Trust as it has had better growth and takes a slightly more risks with its holdings whereas Polar Tech Trust seems to be more reserved and closely reflect the Nasdaq 100, not really going in on new companies with big potential.


I echo the thoughts on SMT, EWI and MNKS I think these are good trusts

One i also put a small amount in is Chrysalis Investments. Its focused on private companies, and is might more highly focused on a very small selection of companies, but i think it might have a good future. I also like it because they’re invested in Starling Bank, but thats not exactly sound investment advice :smile:


That top 5 looks promising for sure

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That was pretty much my thinking as well

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