Scottish Investment Trust plc SCIN

This venerable trust invests in diverse sectors across the world, including retail, groceries, banking and commodities.

Top 10 holdings
Newmont Corp 5.4
Newcrest Mining Ltd 4.9
BT Group PLC 4.8
Barrick Gold Corp 4.7
Wells Fargo & Co 3.8
Exxon Mobil Corp 3.6
Banco Santander SA 3.3
East Japan Railway Co 3.2
Halliburton Co 3.1
Cheesecake Factory Inc 3.1

Complete list of holdings can be found here thescottish. They have an interesting approach, worth a read our-philosophy.

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Good bye Scottish Investment Trust Scottish soars . A pretty good outcome, especially if you invested only more recently.

My holding is currently 18.5% up, mostly since the announced merger with JGGI.

It was a fund to hold long term for me, but I am seriously considering cashing in now instead of waiting for the merger and the requisite shares in JGGI.

I am really struggling to find any major news\opinion pieces to sway me either way.

Is anyone able to explain the additional benefits of holding and retaining JGGI, As I`d hate for the gains to evaporate and miss the boat.


Anyone get the news about the merge with JP Morgan?

Yep, this was my share in the app (it was free).

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