[Feature Request 🔧] APIs for Accessing User Portfolio

Integration with other Digital banking or Budget management software would be great.

I use Emma app monitoring all my finances. I have integrated all my bank accounts, savings account and loans. I even have integrates my coinbase wallets, would be a great addition to add Freetrade as an investment account option but I think this would rely on OpenAPI!

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I am also using Emma Finance - the ability to integrate Freetrade is the biggest feature that is currently missing imo.

Hopefully we can see this feature soon!

looks like they didn’t wait for the third-party API to be built to show off the Freetrade integration :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

(see on their crowdfunding page)

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That’s probably a manual/offline account


You can add logos to such accounts by linking the Twitter handle


An API would be wonderful. Yes please :smiley:


Bump on this.
Desperate to have more visibility on performance without having to enter every single transaction into another monitoring platform.

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I’m currently building a trading bot using Alpaca’s API. However, they are a US broker and my gains would be subject to US tax, which is not ideal. As a UK citizen, it would be amazing if I could apply the same automation with a UK-based tax-free ISA.

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I stumbled upon Freetrade when I was searching for a broker with an API, the freetrade domain (.io) gave me the impression that they were developer first platform, that is why I backed them before even the release of the app investing quite a lot in the company and have most of my wealth on the platform, but here we are many years later, no API :weary:

Please consider releasing the API!


Yes, it’s disappointing. Thankfully, I just found out Trading212 has an API, although it might be a bit limited.

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