[Feature Request 🔧] Dividend Indicator 💰 🔔

Update. Customer support have confirmed that the dividend had in fact been included in the balance of £6.30. Can’t fault customer support. Always very helpful. Can we assume if it appears in the activity list then, that it has been added to the cash balance?

Not sure if it has been mentioned, but I would like more flexibility on how we view our portfolio as opposed to just largest invesment first.

Custom view option could include being able to drag and drop investments next to eachother and being able to compartmentalise with a file or a visual bar with a title i.e. growth, dividend, tech, average up, average down etc etc. This would help people who for example may want to use multiple investment strategies in their ISA but split their view


Where in the app can I see the dividend payouts?

In the ‘Activity’ feed

Thanks, and how can I tell which shares offer dividends. Are these paid on a monthly or annual basis?

It depends on the company. Usually, you will find companies paying dividends monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Take a look at these threads

For more threads on dividends:

  1. click the search button;
  2. type “dividends”;
  3. press enter;

If you want to know if a specific company pays dividends, you can always ask your search engine of choice, or search in Yahoo finance, or visit the company’s website.

It implies homework.

Hope this helps.

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I’d use the Finki api and pull it into google sheets

Made you a quick sheet using the finki API… it shows dividend payment frequency and yield.

All data as of today only - so it’s only a “point in time” snapshot and will be out of date pretty quickly… but it gives you what you want in an easy form


I have shares in companies that have quarterly dividends and I didn’t get any notifications in my Activity feed???

As myself and few have mentioned here and in other threads, it would be great if the app showed your overall dividends per each company and a total dividends owed for end of quarter/end of year, rather than just a pop up notification.

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And you’re sure you owned them on ex date? And you’re sure pay date has passed?
What stock(s)? For example?

Pepsico, AT&T & GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) are the few I have that I’m pretty sure have quarterly dividends. I’ve had no notifications in my Activity feed?

If it’s not in your activity feed then I’m guessing you believe it has not been paid to you?

Here’s the Ex dates and Pay dates… did you hold stock on these ex-dates?

If so then you are entitled and should have been paid.


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I think something has changed. I got paid a dividend for my Apple shares yesterday and received a confirmation email for the first time but no app notification / note in Intercom (in-app message).

You don’t get intercom messages anymore if you scroll through your activity you should spot it.

I’ve just had an email, plus an app notification to check my activity of a dividend received. The income is in my account but not in activity :thinking:

Edit: I’ve found it but it’s well down activity feed and dated 14th February. Is this normal or am I having a blonde moment? :grin:

I think the activity date is the payment date of the dividend as published by the company of the stock/etf, it’s not the actual date that you receive the payment in your freetrade account.

It’s weird, I can’t say I like it.


Nope, my Activity feed in app has nothing but my top ups and purchases of shares. Nothing in the entire list relating to any form of dividend payment. Haven’t got any emails or in chat either? I’m on Droid if that helps shine any light on this?

I’d pop a message into customer support and enquire, they can check if you had the stock on the ex-dividend date and if so, why you haven’t received it!

Just a thought and idea that a friend of mine who uses FT suggested. He is quite new to stocks, shares and said while it sounds really lazy (on his part), it would be great if beside a company it showed a little symbol (like a small “D”) to indicate they are a company that provides Dividends. He bought into a company recently thinking they gave dividends and was a little annoyed to find out they didnt. Again should have done his homework but still think for such a small little tweak or add on, it might be helpful for someone who is only interested in dividend paying stocks to see at a glance?


Just out of interest, what is the criteria & timeframes for something like this to be implemented?
Does it need a certain number of votes (I.e. Customer Demand)? Is it on ease of implementation? Does it then go onto a road map (what’s the timescale then)?

There is a number of good ideas, with a good level of demand (votes) but very little is heard from FT as to if they are looking at these to implement, or if it is head in the clouds thinking!