✅ [Feature Request 🔧] Improved Dividend Notifications


Would it be possible to put the full stock name, ticker name and payment date onto the Dividend Income notification? I have some shares that are similar in name and its a pain to have to work out which shares it came from - especially when the notification comes in 7 days after the payment date - I had to scroll down the activity feed to find it then check I am looking at the right one.

i.e. On 30/04/2020 Walt Disney (DIS) distributed a dividend of xxx per share. You have received xxx

Yeah that would be great. Or something similar to what you get in the email letting you know about the dividend but in the app instead?

Much needed.

Actual Stock ticker in both Activity feed and email notification would be beneficial. Also, Activity feeds to also become" links so you can jump straight to that stock in your Portfolio from the Activity feed. this is a computerised system - there shouldn’t be a need to keep going back to a main menu to switch function - it should all be hyperlinked.


Closer timings between cash balance being updated, email notification, app alert and entry appearing in activity feed.


Nudge towards Freetrade staff - any update coming to include additional information in the Dividend notifications (email and in the App)?


Having the ticker in activity would be a big plus for me. At the moment I’m manually tracking dividends and having the ticker, which should be relatively trivial to implement, would be a big help.

Same for buying and selling to a lesser degree.

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Another nudge to Freetrade staff about having the ticker in the dividend notifications…

and in the Activity feed dividend notification to be able to “jump” straight to the “holding” in your Portfolio which is also extended to allow user selected date range for the Activity to be displayed for those holdings where there has been no recent activity but you still want to see the purchase history (which cannot be seen in App one if passes a certain age)

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Another nudge on this one too - IMB.L had a pay date of 31-Mar-2022 for the most recent Divi (at time of writing) and no email or in App Activity notification received but the balance has updated - just a bit un-nerving to see the balance move without the “transactional data” to support it.


And…hyperlink from the activity feed to the corresponding stock in Portfolio so you dont have to change tab, “SEE ALL” then scroll down.

And…dividends shown within the individual stock as well as buys/sells with the ability to choose All/Buys/Sells and also specify date range/number of rows to return.


And…(as mentioned above) to include the stock ticker in every lication, including dividend notifications, to reduce ambiguity where two instruments have similar names.

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Dividends to be paid on time there was a time we’re they use to be on time but now even T212 pays earlier then Freetrade

All the above is very true as it is sooooo frustrating that I get several dividends that say exactly the same on the activity feed making it impossible to know which company has actually paid me. I don’t understand why they don’t even add the logo or something so you can tell.

It is very frustrating I have to go to external sites to work out who has paid me a dividend in my FT account. :frowning:


Or just check your emails???

That is still a really poor option when it should be clear on the app!! I shouldn’t need to go and find out when I got an email that matches the dividend in the activity feed. I don’t know about you but I get many emails every day and not sure the feed matches in date anyhow.

Either way it is a simple easy win and something that should be made user friendly :slight_smile:

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Im sure the engineering team @clloyd are looking in to this or is on their list of improvements

In most cases this isn’t true. I also have an Orca account and can expect a 2-3 day wait on dividends.

I was wondering if there is a good alternative for Dividendmax. It gives good info but some stocks are not inclouded. Yahoo Finance gives info about all stocks but not how regular the dividend is and thus ends up with over or understating the dividend return percentage.

Hey, @safe just moved this to the improved dividend thread. I don’t know if there is a better alternative but Freetrade should be stepping in with a tailor-made solution fairly soon.

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