☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Display withdrawals and dividend income in the "Activity" tab

I have made a withdrawal two days ago and it has come to my Monzo account today.

However, it was not reflected in the activity feed in Freetrade app.

Would be nice to have it there alongside top ups and other transaction types.


And any dividend income :grinning: which I’m hoping is actually already a thing, I just haven’t had any dividends yet :angry:


I don’t see any mention of the dividend I appear to have just received (Unilever) in my activity feed. Activity feed shows top up, buy XYZ, sell XYZ, but not the dividend I have received. Maybe I just need to wait for my feed to update since it’s possible the dividend only came through today, but if this was the case that in itself would be less than ideal.

Dividend notifications are coming to the app soon, and once that’s released you will get notified of dividend payments. There will also be some functionality around upcoming dividends. We finished designing this recently and it’s looking pretty cool!


Hey @James101, I moved your suggestion here to consolidate the votes :slight_smile:

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I would also suggest adding dividends to the monthly statements. Currently there’s no easy way to see what dividends I’ve been paid.


It looks like currently the only indication of receiving a dividend pay is an in-app notification. It would be good to see dividend payments in activity log for traceability.


Yes, I also want to state that showing dividends in the activity tab should be high priority, as the tab as it stands is kinda unreliable given its partial information gathering.


Agree and supporting the inclusion of dividend payments within the activity feed.
I got a in-app notification of dividends but as soon as I closed the notification there is not way to track income coming from dividends which is key for any investment strategy.

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You can always go back and access the dividend message, if that helps until we see it in the feed.

Thanks. Where can I see the dividend message. It was a notification pop-up so I can’t find it in the app anymore.

On the portfolio tab there is an icon at the top right. Go on this, then on ‘live chat’ and there 'see previous '.

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Many thanks. I got it now.

I’ve received a handful of dividends since joining FT but have never had an in-app notification for one. The only way I know they’ve been paid is by checking my cash balance a few days after I’m expecting one. I checked my live chat->previous feed on iOS to see if I’d missed one but no - just broadcast messages about system issues and exchange holidays…

Is this a known issue for some accounts/holdings/platforms?

+1 for showing dividend payments in the activity feed. It’s hard to keep track of them being mixed in with chat notifications.


Can we have a separate dividend report or monthly statement position for this?
Would make sense.


any update on this?

Again, sorted now.

It’s a thing! :white_check_mark:


Looking good, should the title of this topic be changed then?