Income received but no notifications

Hi All,

I’ve had this weeks dividend payments arrive into my account, however there haven’t been any accompanying notifications via the app or email as there usually is.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

First of all welcome!

As to your question I haven’t experienced any issues. Is it showing as withdrawable cash or unsettled cash?

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Notifications to your email can be a bit delayed, but you will receive them within a day or so

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The money is coming in as usual, the challenge is I have multiple payments each week, I don’t know which position is paying out as there’s no activity record, email or app notification for the income in my account.

The lag from payment date to receiving is normal but not the lack of notification.

This happens sometime, money shows up before notification, but shows up later in the day

Sometimes notification arrives a day or two after dividend payment into account.

You may have to contact FT to get them to update the app activity and send the email. I had to do that early last year / late 2019 when one failed to materialise. To be clear, the dividend had been paid into the account on time.
As it happens, I might have to do the same. Three ETFs paid dividends this week with the one cash payment received late on Wednesday and the other two on Thursday. I have received the notification/activity updates/email for the first and third of these but the second one has yet to appear. I’ll give it another week before sending the helpdesk an email. I hope you don’t have to do the same.

Fair enough, if it’s happened before then it’s not just me, I record everything externally so I will just monitor things and raise a ticket if needed.

Thanks all.

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I had an IUKD dividend from Thursday that has been paid but isn’t in the activity feed and no email, though my friend has activity/notification for the same holding. I had notifications recently for other stocks. So seems a bit random.

In effect, I noticed this Thursday night and contacted Freetrade chat yesterday morning about this and there’s a backlog processing the dividend emails and notifications in the activity feed. It should apparently be cleared over the next few days. In effect, over the course of today I have received emails and activity feed notifications about dividends that were paid on the 30th of September. I still have a few outstanding and am monitoring. I would hope this backlog is cleared by Monday or Tuesday evening

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Yeah - got lucky and they came back to me within 10 mins to say looking into it and then replied again 30 mins later with response. Was pleasantly surprised after all the stuff earlier this year - hoping my luck holds next time I contact them! From my experience of customer service (very limited!) can’t fault them - though am well aware of slow response times (which is what makes slow activity feed stuff all the more frustrating as it just adds to their customer service teams workload - much as the slow top ups did prior to the instant deposit feature roll)

Me to got the cash no info though or emails etc.

(Update receiving emails now)

As an update, I can confirm I have now received all my notifications of dividends and all the emails.

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Same here, last weeks missing notifications have now come in.


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